Physiotherapy Treatments

Physiotherapy Treatments

Make sure you GET it FIXED before it becomes a chronic condition and changes the way you perform! Pain and dysfunction can cause you to strain other areas of your body in response to varied movement patterns and prevent maximum potential from being achieved even if the pain goes away. Make yourself a priority and KEEP DOING WHAT YOU LOVE. GET IT FIXED at Sports Therapy!

sports therapy logo ACC CO–PAYMENT

If your injury was caused by an accident, then ACC (Accident Compensation Corporation) will cover a portion of your treatment. They do not cover the full cost, so you’ll need to pay a “co-payment”. They also don’t cover the cost of strapping/kinesio tape, so if your physiotherapist recommends that you need taping as part of your treatment, you will need to pay $5 to $10 for tape.

We have a tiered system of service delivery based on clinical experience and expertise.

  • Initial Appointment with Classic Physiotherapist – $56         ($50 for New Grad and $65 for Advanced)
  • Follow Up Appointments – $52                             ($45 for New Grad and $56 for Advanced)
  • Discounted rate for NMIT Students, Nelson Tri Club and Nelson Mt Bike Club (10%)

sports therapy logo GREY POWER ACC TREATMENTS

  • 10% discount (as of May 1st, 2021) down from 20% due to rising costs of service delivery

sports therapy logo PRIVATE TREATMENT

  • Classic Physiotherapist (30min) – $100            (New Grad = $95; Advanced = $110)
  • Classic Physiotherapist (45min) – $110            (New Grad = $100; Advanced = $130)
  • Classic Physiotherapist (60min)  $130              (New Grad = $110; Advanced = $150)


  • 10% off (as of May 1st, 2021)

sports therapy logoFULL BODY “WARRANT OF FITNESS”

  • (Biomechanical ⁄ Muscle Balance assessment)

Includes joint, muscle and strength assessments

Preventative exercises

“WORK ONS” based on findings to help you reach your maximum potential

$250 ($275 with our Advanced Physiotherapist)

This involves an initial assessment appointment followed a week later by a follow up appointment to discuss the assessment.

sports therapy logo  STRAPPING

Do you need an unstable joint ⁄ injury strapped before a game or event?

Ring our clinic to arrange a time so that we can assess you. We can then PROFESSIONALLY and EFFECTIVELY strap your joint to keep you playing to your best.