About Us

Founded in 2002 Sports Therapy is now located in a purpose-built clinic @132 Collingwood Street. We are open from 7am to 7pm Monday to Friday.

We use functional, high–end rehabilitation techniques to treat musculoskeletal conditions from annoying aches and pains to acute injuries. We work with patients in our large and sunny gym and ⁄ or one of our 9 private treatment rooms to develop individually tailored, activity–specific treatments.

Priding ourselves on education as we go, we focus on teaching our clients WHY their injuries occur, what factors may have contributed to the incident and what we need to work together on to reduce their pain and dysfunction.

Where we feel we make the most difference is in identifying future goals and helping clients meet these through functional strength, biomechanical movement corrections, muscle balancing and activity specific drills that help prepare and simulate the challenges that lie ahead for their injured tissues.

Our therapists have a wide variety of skills (acupuncture, Kinesio strapping, manipulative treatments, massage therapy/soft tissue mobilizations, neural mobilizations etc), which we share regularly whether through co–consultations, in–services, or clinical workshops. We offer in–house access to musculoskeletal specialist Dr. Mark McLaughlin (fortnightly), and massage therapists. We have a New Zealand Academy of Sports Preferred Physiotherapist providing funded treatments for our carded and developing national representatives and Sports Academies.

Through this commitment to excellence we have managed to become an integral part in supporting and working within the professional sports scene; both in Nelson and for visiting sporting teams. We sponsor a number of different community teams and individual athletes, helping them to reach their full potential. Not only can our therapists be seen regularly as team physiotherapists for sporting clubs about the community, but recently many of our team have been involved with the Tasman Makos Rugby sides.

Come and have a look! We would love to meet you.

Candace Donovan – Advanced Physiotherapist, NZAS Preferred Provider
Jane Martin – Practice Manager
Karen Bradley – Receptionist
Gaye McKenzie– Receptionist

Simon Robins – Physiotherapist
Susanne Bennell – Physiotherapist
Glenn Ward – Physiotherapist
Jo Higgins – Physiotherapist
Tneal McKay-Wilson – Physiotherapist
Chris Wahnig– Physiotherapist
Ingrid Koevoet (Inge)- Physiotherapist
Nicole van Vledder – Physiotherapist
Carly Smith – Massage Therapist